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Basically, there are three costs involved in launching a website:

v    Domain registration

v    Hosting

v    Web Designing

Generally domain registration averages from $7-$20 per year; however, it can cost more if you select a domain name that is in demand.  If you want a specific domain name which is already owned, sometimes the owner will sell it, but for a premium price. 

The cost of hosting often depends upon space and band width requirements; however, hosting serves can be obtained for as little as $7.00 per month.  Be cautious in selecting inexpensive hosting options because they may not be stable.  Selecting a hosting service with adequate space and bandwidth as well as mirrored servers to guaranty 24/7 accessibility is advisable.  There are free hosting services; however, you should steer clear of these as they are often ignored by the search engines.  Generally when you use a free hosting service, their domain name is included in your URL.  This in itself is a disadvantage because the URL is too long and complicated.  In addition, site visitors who are internet savvy will know that you are using a free service and may question whether or not you are a professional company who is serious about your business.

The cost of web designing varies greatly based upon your individual requirements.  To determine the cost of a web design, you will need to obtain estimates.  Generally, web design fees range from $500 to $5,000+; however, there are services that offer turnkey sites for minimal fees, or you can design the site yourself using a web design layout or web design template along with PhotoShop, Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver.  Of course you can purchase attractive web design layouts from www.layoutbank.com .  You can also download free web design layouts / web design templates from www.layoutbank.com .

Although by incurring these three costs, you will gain a presence on the internet, it is important to maximize the effectiveness of your web presence, so in determining the costs of launching your site, you will want to include optimization, submission and advertising services in addition to the three basic costs.



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