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Web design clients expect originality.  They want a site adorned with their company colors that looks and feels different.  Their website is likely the heartbeat of their business, so they expect it to portray their company in a positive light, conveying their message in an aesthetically attractive manner and emphasizing their competitive advantages.  Of course it is important for it to load fast and be easy to navigate.  Last but not least, they want it quick, usually within one week! 

To take the lead in the web design industry, you have to be creative and quick!  You must provide stunning design, outstanding copy and speed of delivery.  You may be saying, “Well that’s contradictory! Doesn’t speed kill creativity?”  The answer to that is yes and no.  Here we will provide suggestions that will assist you in giving the client EXACTLY what they desire.

The truth of the matter is that designing a website is simple.  With tools like FrontPage™, Macromedia Dreamweaver™ and Microsoft Word™ you make a few selections, save it in HTML format and the it’s ready to publish; however, you must ensure that it is visually attractive and meets ALL of the clients expectations.  When preparing the design, focus on the client’s desired colors, their logos and products along with any items from your photograph gallery that they may wish to use and ensure that your design fits in with their corporate image.  You can use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop ™, Corel Draw ™, Macromedia Firework ™ or Corel Photopaint ™ to design the home page and inside pages. Adobe Image Ready ™ is ideal to optimize and dice the pages.  Don’t forget to optimize graphic images to reduce the size of the page so it will load fast.  Convert the page to web format and prepare it to launch.

Possessing a wide array of web design templates or layouts such as those found at www.layoutbank.com will ensure that you have a great base design to crank out high-quality designs that are visually stimulating and aesthetically attractive in an efficient manner.  They provide a basic design that is easily customized without hours upon hours of design work.  Layouts give you the power to meet the pressure that the common web design client exhibits. 



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