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Scrolling text is a popular feature of flash web designs.  The free downloadable flash designs at www.layoutbank.com contain this feature if you would like to check them out.  If you want to take a shot at learning about scrolling text, the following instructions should give you a good feel for it.

First you will select your choice font and size, they type your text or insert the images you want to scroll.  Convert it into a graphic and save it with a clear description.  Use a new movie clip and name it similarly, inserting the graphic into it.  Animate it vertically upwards.  Assign the action “stop” to the last key frame and “Go to previous frame”.  Drag the scroll movie clip into the scene to the appropriate layer.  Now select Modify-Instance and name the instance “scroll”.  Convert the movie clip into another movie clip and give it a different name.  Select Modify-Instance and give the instance a name.  Select Window-Library-Scroll-(name of clip) and double click on the movie clip.  At frame 10, insert a key frame and delete the movie clip from the first frame, then insert the keyframe at from 20 and 30.  Set the movie clip’s color effect to alpha=0 at from 10 and 30 and assign “motion tween” between frame 10 and 30.

Insert one more layer for actions and at from 1 and 20 assign “stop” as the action.  At frame 30 use “Go to and stop (1)”.  Create another layers with a mask patch to make the text scroll movie clip and create a button on the new layer at from 20 and name it “scroll button”.  Assign these actions to the button: On (roll over), begin tell target (top), Go to and play (up), End Tell Target, End On, On (Roll Out), Begin Tell Target (top), Go to and stop (stop), end tell target, end on.

Copy the same button and flip it vertically placing it further down.  The first button will scroll the text downward and the second will scroll it upward.  Assign the following actions to the second button:  On (roll over), begin tell target (scroll), play, end tell target, end on, on (roll out), begin tell target (scroll), stop, end tell target, end on.

Using the new movie clip, name it “blank” and insert three blank key frames into it.  Assign the action “stop” to the first key frame and name assign a label name as “stop”.  Leave the second keyframe blank and label it “up”.  Assign the following action to the third keyframe:  begin tell target (../scroll”), go to previous frame, end tell target, go to and play (up).  Now place the blank movie clip in the named clip on a new layer at frame 20 and name the instance “top”.  Create another layer for the title and place the graphic as a title, tint it and draw a horizontal line under it.  Connect the movie clip in the scene which appears as a dot to the button and add the following script to the button: on (release), begin tell target (“/name of clip”).  You can preview the movie in the browser using the F12 key.



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