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If you do not pay for hosting services, you can have your URL redirected.  When you purchase a domain and hosting package, you normally get an IP address which is linked to your domain.  When someone types your domain name into their browser, they are directed to your home page.  When you use free services, you are given an IP address without physical hosting space; therefore, when a user types your IP address into a browser, he is redirected to the domain of the service provider which in turn redirects the user to alternate site as specified in your domain redirect service agreement.

Domain redirection is not generally desirable; however, it can be useful in a few circumstances.  If a client wished to host their site on a free web space using his own domain name, rather than the services long URL, his site can be redirected from his domain name to the domain hosted by the free service. 

If a client has a hosted site and wishes to balance the space by hosting a particular product or service with a different domain name, redirect services can be beneficial.  http://www.domainredirect.com is a free service that redirects traffic.  There are a number of such services available on the internet.

In order to use domain redirect services, you will need your own domain name, free hosting space or a hosted subdirectory. When booking a domain, you provide the IP address of the server where the site will be hosted.  If you do not specify an IP address, the company you buy the domain from will use their IP address temporarily.  Domain redirect services will give you an IP address which is maintained in a database.  When an internet browser inputs your URL, their request is directed to the domain redirect service providerís IP address where a database search refreshes the request, sending it to the URL that you were provided when you applied for your domain redirection service.



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