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After you have downloaded your layout from www.layoutbank.com and you have adjusted all of your color options and prepared your layout using PhotoShop, you are ready to start working on the buttons and logos.  For this exercise, we will assume that your buttons are labeled About Us, Products, Clients, Feedback and Contact us since these are most commonly used.  Do note that the placement of buttons is very important.  They should be easily visible so that surfers can connect to other parts of the site quickly.  The buttons and their text should be catchy so as to command attention.  You can change the text on a button by double clicking the selected button in the text layer.  You simply delete the existing text and type in your new text in the Type Tool window.  You can add a new button by right clicking on an existing one in the text layer and duplicating the layer.  The duplicate layer window will be displayed and here you type in the name of the new button.  Then you double click on that particular lay and type in the name of the button in the Type Tool window. The new layer should be linked by clicking on the area next to the ‘eye’ in the Layer Palette.  These lays are adjusted by clicking on the ‘Move” tool and shifting them into position.

To adjust remaining buttons and text buttons you link the respective layers and move them using the move tool ensuring that there is equal spacing between each button and that the space at the top of each button is equal.

If you wish to insert new text with a different font, size and color, you will use the Type tool and click on the area where the text is needed.  You type the required information and you can modify the font face, font size, and font styles as well.

Generally when a client gives you a logo, you have to scan it with increased resolution; 150 dpi is preferred for the best quality.  Increasing resolution increases the file size; therefore, websites are displayed at standard 72 resolution.  The scanned image can be opened and dragged in the layout or it can be copied and pasted into its appropriate place.  Preferred formats are jpg or gif.  If the logo has a white background, you must select it without the background by selecting the Magic Wand Tool in the tool palette and clicking on the white background in the file.  Select ‘inverse’ in the Select Menu.  This selects only the logo without the background so it can be copied and pasted into the layout.  If the logo image is too big, it can be resized using the ‘transform’ tool from the Edit Menu.  



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