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Technical Document

Welcome to Layout Bank! Here you will find the answers to your technical questions regarding the awesome logos provided by Layout Bank!
In this step you will edit the company name and underline. Editing the slogan is not discussed,
since procedures are exactly the same. It is assumed that you are using Adobe Illustrator 10.
  1. Open the .logo.ai. file with Illustrator, or psd in photoshop/.
  2.  Make sure the toolbox is visible. Select Window>Show Tools if it is not.
  3. Adjust magnification as needed by using Zoom Tool from the toolbox.
  4. Switch to Type Tool and replace "Company Name" with the name of your company.
  5. The text you typed might happen to be shorter or longer than sample text. Use the Selection Tool to position new text properly.
  6. Since letters have changed, the underline also needs some editing. Select a portion of underline with the Direct Selection Tool . In case some other element gets selected instead of underline, send this element to the background with Arrange>Send To Back from context menu.
  7. Resize lines by dragging nodes with the Direct Selection Tool . Holding down the Shift key allows preserving vertical coordinate of a node unchanged thus keeping the underline horizontal.
  8. In case you need to remove extra fragments of underline select them and choose Edit>Clear.
  9. To obtain additional fragments of the same width and color copy an existing fragment with Edit>Copy and then select Edit>Paste. A copy will appear to the upper left of the initial line fragment. Drag the copy into place with the Selection or Direct Selection Tool and resize it as described in substep 7.
  10. When you have created the appropriate number of fragments of underline and resized them as needed you may want to make sure they are all horizontal and leveled. Select all fragments with the Direct Selection Tool by either drawing a box around the whole underline or shift-clicking each fragment. Right-click the selection and choose Average. Set the radio button to the Horizontal position and click OK.



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